You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of loan allowed?

Ksh 500000 is the maximum loan limit allowed.

What is the maximum percentage loan amount?

50% of the total valuation of the vehicle.

What is the interest rate per annum?

Our interest rates are flexible as they are dependent on the period of time you choose for your loan.

   How long does it take to process and pay a loan? 

     A maximum of 24 hours provided you have availed all the required documents.

   Do you provide loans secured by title deeds?

No, at the moment we do not have that product but are working to provide this facility in the near future.

   What makes Kifedha Limited different from other lending firms?

We are effective, efficient and very professional in providing services to our customers.

We take you step by step through every step until you receive your loan.

We offer fast service delivery.

   What other services do you provide?

We provide motor vehicle insurance, personal covers, medical insurance and all other insurance covers. 

Who do you lend money to?

We lend money to individuals who own logbooks and to individuals wishing to clear motor vehicle import duty charges